headshots + culture - a noonday ambassador

This lovely lady is a dear friend of mine, and is a world-changer with Noonday Collection (which I'm pretty much obsessed with). When she asked me to snap some headshots and capture a little bit of a day-in-the-life of a Noonday Ambassador, I jumped at the chance! Look how gorgeous she is! (And that jewelry is not too shabby either! *insert the heart-eyes, here!!!*)

Day on the Sound

It's the dead of summer here in Texas. And I'm dreaming of last year's mid-August trip to Seattle, where the air is salty and picnics involve scarves, not sweat. We spent a day on the water, and came away with that renewed energy that only the sea can conjure. 


lessons in film

I gave Kiddo a Holga and some film, and he had a blast.

Yesterday I ran across a bunch of old photo equipment in our garage, including a gigantic shoebox filled with unexposed 120 film! Most of it expired at least 5 years ago, but I wasn't about to go throwing it all away! So I dug out my trusty Holga toy camera and started teaching Colin about film photography. We took a walk around the neighborhood, and while he documented his world, I documented his adventure. The next day we dropped the film (two whole rolls!!) at a lab and are now eagerly awaiting the prints. I'll keep you posted on the results!


When did processing film get SO EXPENSIVE?! This will have to be a very special occasion type of activity!